We think that the Athena Capricorn is the best travel wheel ever.  


Weighing 10 pounds, it comes apart in a fraction of a minute and easily fits in a tote bag.  


It goes back together just as quickly and a big plus, you don’t need to remove the bobbin and Scotch tension so when it’s back together, you’re ready to spin.


The spinning ratio can be quickly and easily adjusted anywhere between 5:1 to 13:1


Made of Black Walnut and Maple with a sprayed lacquer finish, it is a work of art.

Make something beautiful

Athena Spinning is literally a "Mom and Pop" business.  We make, finish and assemble every piece of wood in our wheels and accessories.  Thank you for your interest in our products.

Mark and Julie Lambert


Athena Spinning

101 S. Grant Ave.

Chanute, KS 66720


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